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Lore Post – Anub’arak >8<

I have been tempted by Rades into writing a lore post that isn’t about healing. It’s a response to his post about Anub’arak. If you haven’t read it yet, go do so. Done? Here we go… During NaNoWriMo 2010, Rades … Continue reading

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Holy Tanking Yetimus the Yeti Lord

I’m not going to get a screenshot of Yetimus for this post. I’m just not brave enough. If you haven’t seen him yet, head out to the Hillsbrad Foothills. Stand around somewhere between Tarren Mill and the yeti cave. (You … Continue reading

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Response to Comments on Social Anxiety

Fer th’ love o’ Brann Bronzebeard’s bronze… beard… *ahem* Wow! It got busy around here! I took a couple of days to be ill and get myself ordered to rest, and my page views took that opportunity to skyrocket! My … Continue reading

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Finally – A Good Group!

I healed in Gnomeregan for the first time last night. Glorwynn is already well past Gnomeregan in level, but I’ve been really cautious about queueing for dungeons with her. I keep waiting until I have “that next healing ability”… whichever … Continue reading

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Basic Guide to WoW Classes

As I’ve said before, I’ve been noticing new players sometimes in my dungeon groups. People who are truly new to the game. They have no clue what they are doing and should not look here for help. This is all … Continue reading

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DPS and the Temptation to Heal

I’m beginning to think I could have made a whole blog about Adventures in SFK. The low level SFK, at that. I was back in there last night. My troll druid, Nanzi, needed her level 20 staff. Nanzi isn’t on … Continue reading

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The LFD “Free Critters and Ponies” Controversy

There was an announcement last night about the addition of the Call to Arms for vital roles (read: tanks and healers) to the LFD tool. And Twitter went nuts. Twitter goes nuts several times a day anyway. The WoW Twitter … Continue reading

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Social Anxiety and Group Effort

Vidyala has an all-too-common tale about Fail PuGs. This got me to thinking about why I’m not doing a few things in the game at this point. Why I’m not doing Cataclysm dungeons on my one level 85 character. Why … Continue reading

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Things I Need to Work On

My husband rolled up a Tauren warrior so I could be guaranteed a decent tank now and then if we queue together. On one hand, I kind of feel like this defeats the purpose of “learning the hard way”. On … Continue reading

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The Tank Might be a Dumass

No, there is not a misspelling in the title of this post. I went back into SFK last night to finish the quest line and get my shoulders. Belmont was kind enough to give me the quest to kill Lord … Continue reading

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