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I’ve been doing some really obscure quests. You probably haven’t heard of them.

I’ve been mistaken for a new player several times in the past few months. Obviously, this is because I level by questing. It’s so mainstream to hit 15 with an alt, queue in LFD, and race to 85 so you … Continue reading

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Thoughts on CDev Q&A – Canon, or Non-Canon?

The Creative Devlopment team disappointed me a few days ago. Overall, I liked the Q&A. It’s just one answer that felt like a letdown. You might be thinking I’m disappointed that they said the RPG books are non-canon. If so, … Continue reading

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Recommended Reading – Tanks, Being Nice, and Social Anxiety Revisited

Blizzard has blessed (and cursed) us with answers to some lore questions in the latest round of Ask Creative Development Q&A. There are a couple of answers in there that really jump out at me and stir up some thought, … Continue reading

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Chillin’ With Yetimus – Yetimus Facts

Chillin’ With Yetimus will be a regular feature here at Heavy Wool Bandage. By “regular” I mean that it will happen from time to time, with no plans to cut it off after a certain point, but no… there’s no … Continue reading

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Lore Post – Why did Elling Trias retire?

I keep promising a post about Yetimus, and I keep not delivering. Yetimus is busy, okay? He’s throwing around folks in Hillsbrad. He hasn’t got time to sit down and chat for a blog post. His people will call my … Continue reading

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When the Healer says “Pull Bigger”

Rhii has a tale of level 20 SFK and a paladin healer who (in my opinion) shouldn’t be healing over on Oh My, Kurenai!. Level 20 SFK is my specialty. Mostly because it’s probably the dungeon I’ve healed most often. … Continue reading

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But can it be my new mount?

I logged onto Twitter one day recently to find everyone had gone nuts with a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic pony creator on deviantART. Before the day was over, I eventually abandoned work for a little while to go … Continue reading

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Lower Level Holy Paladins and Quest Reward Gear

I have been BUSY! Not just in real life… although that has been plenty busy lately. No, I’ve been busy trying to track down where exactly my gear is supposed to come from. When I have had the chance to … Continue reading

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