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Strength from Weakness

I want to do my part, but sometimes it just isn’t enough if I do it alone. So I hold onto my acorn and wait. Trust me… I will fight by your side!   I may get scared sometimes. I … Continue reading

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Why I Closed Comments Early

I’ve always kept comments open for two weeks after I post something, then they close automatically.  Today, I closed comments early on my post from yesterday. No one said or did anything wrong. I didn’t have to do anything except … Continue reading

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What am I doing if I’m not blogging?

Before I get into the post, go see the picture Kamalia drew of the Khaz Modan Cheese of the Month Club! It’s the most awesome thing ever! Those of you who have read the stories I’ve written as Fizzy Stouthammer … Continue reading

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I love you all. Now go away.

This is not the Brann Bronzebeard post. It’s not a Yetimus post. It has nothing to do with healing. This is a post about why I’m not writing those other posts. There are too many people reading this blog. There … Continue reading

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Game Priorities – Please Mind Your Business, Not Mine

I’m feeling a lot of frustration lately with some of “the WoW community”. (Let’s face it… there is no “WoW community”. There are many smaller communities within the enormous chunk of people who play WoW.) I think some of this … Continue reading

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Recommended Reading – Tanks, Being Nice, and Social Anxiety Revisited

Blizzard has blessed (and cursed) us with answers to some lore questions in the latest round of Ask Creative Development Q&A. There are a couple of answers in there that really jump out at me and stir up some thought, … Continue reading

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Intellect Issues

Crusaders… I am convinced that they are a unique lot amongst the humans. My theory is that they lack higher brain function, unable to logically assess a situation and calculate an outcome. One has only to make mention of the … Continue reading

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Moms are Healers

Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there! Lots of mom play WoW. WoWInsider has an advice column written by two WoW-playing moms. In the real world, moms are like a hybrid class. Moms play many roles. They can … Continue reading

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Children’s Week – Be a Healing Hero!

It’s Children’s Week in Azeroth again! This is a really special holiday for me, and not because I’m a pet collector. Okay… some of it is because I’m a pet collector. But Children’s Week holds a special place in my … Continue reading

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Response to Comments on Social Anxiety

Fer th’ love o’ Brann Bronzebeard’s bronze… beard… *ahem* Wow! It got busy around here! I took a couple of days to be ill and get myself ordered to rest, and my page views took that opportunity to skyrocket! My … Continue reading

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