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That Healer is Such a Cow

Most of the people who are familiar with me in WoW think of me as a dwarf person. No one is surprised when I roll up another dwarf, but I can start a character that’s anything other than a dwarf, … Continue reading

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Why I Won’t Be Healing in Battlegrounds

Confession: Depending on who you ask, I’m one of “the casuals”. You know… those idiots who have no business playing the game in the first place, yet Blizzard keeps nerfing content to keep them happy because Blizzard just cares about … Continue reading

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Why Does Your Character Heal?

The question in the title is about lore and/or roleplay. (Contrary to popular belief, not everyone who cares about lore is a roleplayer.) If you don’t care about either…um… thanks for the pageview? Why does your character heal? Azeroth has … Continue reading

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Okay, So I WILL Let You Die

This healing thing is turning out to be so enjoyable for me that I thought I’d try it with another class.  I’ve got a dwarf shaman I rolled up right after Cataclysm came out because… do I really have to … Continue reading

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I Miss Looting Corpses

New things I have learned about healing: If one of the dps is a shaman and someone dies, the shaman will rez them after combat. I should try anyway. The first time I don’t try will probably be the first … Continue reading

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Healing in More Than 140 Characters

If you’re reading this first post, there’s a pretty good chance you got here from Twitter. My Twitter account is about a lot more than WoW.  I’m not ashamed to mention the game or have whole Twitter conversations about it. … Continue reading

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