Healing in More Than 140 Characters

If you’re reading this first post, there’s a pretty good chance you got here from Twitter. My Twitter account is about a lot more than WoW.  I’m not ashamed to mention the game or have whole Twitter conversations about it. I manage my time well and don’t see the time I spend playing WoW as being any different than the time other people might spend watching TV (something I don’t do much of) or playing on a softball/basketball/etc team (something I don’t do at all). But because it’s about a lot of things – my life in general – I don’t want to devote too much of it to any one thing.  It’s fine if family wants to skip over the WoW tweets, or WoW players want to skip over the everyday life tweets. I’d like it if everybody read the art/work related tweets, but I know folks are going to skip over them. What I don’t want is for an entire group of people in my life (say, family) to feel like it’s never worth following me on Twitter anymore because all I talk about is WoW.  I do have a dedicated WoW Twitter account but that’s an In-Character account for one character. And I don’t need more than two Twitter accounts. I really, really don’t.

Okay, okay… that still doesn’t explain why I’m starting this blog. Not really. It says nothing about why I want to talk about healing, why I’m playing a healer. It just says I don’t want to do too much of it on Twitter. This is why…

This is Glorwynn. Excuse me… Glorwynn Lightbraid. (I play on a RP server.) In a completely Out of Character way that has NOTHING to do with roleplay, Glorwynn is the descendent of a draenei I rolled up a long time ago. I played a Tauren balance druid at the time and rolled a character on a different server because my home server was down for some reason. I decided to give Paladins a try. For the next fifteen levels I kept asking, “Shouldn’t there be more to it than hit 3 and wait for it to die?” I like to believe it would have gotten a lot less boring at some point, but fifteen levels had already been too long to wait. (This was before heirlooms and guild perks, when fifteen levels didn’t happen in half an hour. Not as far back as trudging everywhere on foot until level 40, though.)

I dusted off that draenei after The Shattering and decided to give Holy a try. I’ve always played dps, but it looked like leveling as Holy would be easier and I was in the mood to try something new. I LOVE Holy! I took Ret as a second spec at 30 and found out I hate it. I can do it, but I don’t enjoy it. Protection doesn’t even feel like an option for me. I didn’t enjoy playing a warrior, never stick with a Death Knight for long, and I know I just don’t have the mindset for tanking. No Protection. But did I mention that I LOVE Holy? This was something of a surprise to both my husband and myself.  I went from dps class to dps class trying to find something I could enjoy. Then trying to find something I could enjoy for more than 20 or 30 levels. I finally settled on hunter, and I do love playing a hunter. The feel of the class appeals to me.  Saving groups from wipes when the tank died by tanking for a bit with the pet, running old content raids with just my husband for some time together. (AQ20, Molten Core, Zul’Gurub, Karazhan… We wiped on Flame Leviathan in Ulduar. No, I don’t know why we even tried.) I’m never alone because I always have a pet with me. It didn’t look like I would play anything besides a hunter again.

Did I mention how much I LOVE the Holy Paladin?

I didn’t intend to run dungeons with the Paladin. I didn’t see myself being able to handle healing. My place is making mobs and bosses be dead, not keeping fellow players alive. Then I read The value of the Bad Pull on Orcish Army Knife. (Rades is awesome with lore. And spiders.) It made me think about how I was afraid to heal dungeons because I’m inexperienced, but the only way to stop being inexperienced would be to heal dungeons.

The draenei wouldn’t working for this. I’m sorry, draenei players, but the women are just TOO pretty. She doesn’t look like she’s killing anything. Or healing anything. She looks like she’s seducing things. I can’t go into a dungeon and wiggle my hips at the tank so the rogue can stab the boss from behind while it’s distracted and blushing. Since I love the dwarves and hadn’t seen the whole dwarven questline yet (I stopped somewhere halfway through Loch… excuse me… Puddle Modan), I rolled up Glorwynn.

At level 13, I realized it wouldn’t take long until I was ready for my level 20 Shadowfang Keep quest. I started looking for information for new healers/Holy Paladins. No, not “new” as in “doing the new Cataclysm content”. No, not new as in “played a healer before, just not a Holy Paladin”. And NO… not “new” as in “Holy is your second spec, so you’ve already done your leveling as Ret and will be healing heroics and raids”!

So I asked Twitter. If you ever have a WoW question, ask Twitter. I immediately got tips and moral support from several people, and Fannon of  Dwarven Battle Medic provided me with information that I certainly would have failed without. I got VuhDo, set up some macros, accepted that people might die no matter what I did, and went off to heal for the first time. In my first night of healing I did an awesome job in Wailing Caverns and a better job than I should have had to in Shadowfang Keep.

We got a tank who rushed into the mobs while I and the dps were still getting the quest, blamed me, then pulled the first boss and dropped group. I kept the three dps healed while they downed the first boss with no tank. Those guys were awesome. They spoke up and told the tank it was HIS fault, NOT mine, and they told me after he left not to listen to an asshole like him. It was hard to be discouraged when strangers stood up for me. We somehow got the same tank again. He pulled one of the big things from the courtyard (plague erupter?) up the stairs, back into the building where we still were, got it pointed at me, and dropped group again. Yeah… we died.  The second tank only died once, on a trash group that I wasn’t ready for, but I kept all the dps going until they got them down and then rezzed the tank. A dps died toward the end of the Godfrey fight, but I kept everybody up for most of it and the tank didn’t die at all on that fight.

I learned a few things from my first try at healing:

I really do LOVE Holy Paladin!

A lot of people talk about dps hating tanks. I don’t hate them when I play dps. Healing has the potential to change that.

I’m not a bad healer. I’m a new healer. Before I can be “bad”, I have to be given the chance to learn what I should and shouldn’t be doing. I will try to avoid being “bad”. Right now, I can’t avoid being new.

I’m actually more comfortable in a group as the healer than I am as dps. I know how to play a hunter. I’ve done some really awesome things with my hunter. Put me in a full group, though, and I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing. Expectations for dps can change from boss to boss, dungeon to dungeon. A hunter can be expected to just shoot Boss A until he’s dead, but then needs to be able to kite Boss B’s adds around. I always doubt myself when it comes to whether or not I remember correctly what I’m doing this time. I know my job as a healer. Sure, I’ll have to be aware of various fight mechanics and such once I get to something more difficult than the level range I’m currently in. But my job will stay the same. Heal. Especially the tank, but everybody else, too, as best I can. Keep people alive. Keep them at high health IF POSSIBLE.

I won’t be abandoning the hunter. But I am taking on a Holy Paladin. And because this is new and exciting for me, with lots of questions to be asked, bragging to be done, kicking myself when people die to come, and everything else that goes with seeing the same game through new eyes, I’ll be making notes. Notes from a New Healer. It says so right under the blog title.

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3 Responses to Healing in More Than 140 Characters

  1. Apple says:

    I’m glad you’re having so much fun with Holy! 🙂 While it’s something close to my heart, I… have not been able to enjoy it as I did before. Which is terribly sad, but… I suppose things do change.

    ^_^ Best of luck, though. I’ll offer any advice I can, if you need it. *nostle*

    • “I suppose things change.”

      That’s pretty much it… in every aspect of life. Things change, people’s places in life change, and sometimes it doesn’t all match up anymore. Or sometimes you match up with something now that you really didn’t before. Now that you’ve said you aren’t enjoying it so much anymore, I find it kind of odd that now is when I decide to take on a female dwarf holy paladin. Gimme a heads up next time I might catch something from you, huh?

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