I Miss Looting Corpses

New things I have learned about healing:

If one of the dps is a shaman and someone dies, the shaman will rez them after combat. I should try anyway. The first time I don’t try will probably be the first time the shaman stands there and does nothing. I’m not saying the shaman should rez them… I’m saying I expected that I would, but the shaman keep doing it. I’m not sure if I’m complaining or not. Maybe just making an observation.

If the tank drops group and there’s a rogue around, be prepared for trash pulls while waiting for a new tank. The rogue is going to start pickpocketing mobs. The rogue is also going to get spotted while doing this.

I miss looting corpses.

It’s that last one I’m a little confused about. I don’t know if not getting to loot is normal for a healer, if I’m just supposed to let the fast-moving tanks die, or if this is something I’m just having trouble with for now and will, at higher levels, fix itself with pauses between trash pulls. (I’m level 35 right now. Most of the game is still “higher levels” to me.)

Here’s what happens: We finish with a group of trash. The tank loots while I top people off. One of the dps starts running off after the tank, who moved on as soon as he was done looting. I see a sparkly mob that says “Loot: Glorwynn”. Then I see the tank is taking damage in the next room/around the next corner/ down the hall. The second dps is on his way to the action, and I take off running with the third dps. My sparkly dead mob continues to sparkle. (First person to make a Twilight joke gets a Very Serious Frown from me.) I’m used to being one of those three dps. If the success of the entire group depends on me being right where the tank is on trash, rather than coming in two or three seconds later, that group has more problems than can be solved by me skipping corpses. If I’m healing, though, I feel like I do need to be there. I need to heal the tank, not grab my share of the loot.

I know… I’m crying over lost pocket change and vendor grey items. I’ve never been great at making gold. I learned after a while that I can only do so much with my time in the game, and time spent making gold was not time spent playing through content. Because of this, I tend to treat each character as if they were the only character I have on that server. I wouldn’t go so far as to refuse to send an alt another 50 or 100 gold to buy a flying skill, but I don’t completely fund one character with another character’s gold. I just can’t afford to. So I loot things when it’s my turn.

I thought about just accepting that it’s not my fault if the tank dies when they dashed off immediately to the next room without the rest of the group. I don’t feel guilty about the asshole tank from Shadowfang Keep. I don’t feel guilty about the druid dps who died at the end of the Godfrey fight. I don’t feel guilty about the bear druid who rushed into the mobs in the Stockade while the rest of us were finishing loading and grabbing the quests, and I hadn’t even been able to put Blessing of Kings on the group yet. I did feel a little guilty about the second tank in Shadowfang Keep… the one who died because I wasn’t ready when he pulled the group. I hadn’t been in the room yet, and he died in those few seconds it took for me to get there. Yes, I kept the rest of the group up and then rezzed him once the trash was down. No, we didn’t wipe. But why wasn’t I in the room?

I was looting a corpse in the previous room where we had just finished.

I’m not there to heal because I want to help tanks. I’m not there to heal because it makes me happy to keep damage dealers alive. It’s not some loving, nurturing, mother figure thing. I’m there to heal because I am really enjoying the Holy Paladin and you don’t want to see me dps that way. To some degree, it doesn’t matter if I should have to handle something or not. If I can, I will. If you spend the whole dungeon telling the tank that your dead great-grandpa would control mobs better and telling the draenei that real men roll Night Elves, I will still heal you. If you tell me I need to keep everyone at full health, not just the tank, I will still heal you. (I will still put the tank’s health before yours, but I will heal you.) And if you’re the tank and you rush ahead, I will heal you if I can. If I see you taking damage and I know that if I move NOW I can get in there, use Flash of Light because Holy Light will take too long, then just keep up with you for the rest of the fight… Well, that’s why I’ve left behind a trail of sparkly dead mobs. I’m at full mana and the tank is just on the other side of the doorway. I can fix this, but not if I loot that corpse. So I don’t loot it.

I didn’t think I’d have to do as much healing in the low level dungeons as I have, but some of the tanks just aren’t taking damage well from trash. I’ve seen some boss fights where the tank never had to be healed, so I kept an eye on a cat druid or a clothie who was taking damage, instead. But those same tanks will need almost constant healing during the trash. My husband suggested it might be about mobs that do magical damage instead of physical. I had a tank in the Stockades, though, who was really taking a lot of damage in the wing where the human prisoners are, but not as much damage in the wing where the elementals are. And the damage he took was so consistent I just knew after two or three mobs that I should start casting Holy Light as soon as he pulled because he would take almost the same amount of damage it heals for by the time the cast completed.

Am I doing something wrong? Are the tanks moving too fast and I should just let one die now and then? Will the “no time to loot” problem correct itself at some point? Or should I just accept that the ground looks prettier with sparkly corpses?

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  1. Apple says:

    I… never had time to loot, if I wanted to always keep up. So I would pointedly take my time looting. If a tank died and complained, I’d tell them they should make sure the healer’s with them before pulling. Most tanks didn’t give me a hard time. And I was still getting SOME pocket change and greens from the group loot and rolls. *shrug* You’ve just got to make a choice between not rocking the boat and looting what you get fair and square.

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