Little Muchao Heals SFK

Time to do the level 20 quest again! I said this in guild chat after I got done in SFK last night and I still stand by it today: The worst part of healing is having to deal with the tanks.

No, I’m not hating on tanks… not really. Just the ones I keep getting through the Dungeon Finder. And this one wasn’t quite so bad when compared to some of the others. He didn’t drop group in the middle of the dungeon. He didn’t pull a boss and then drop. He was friendly, rather than verbally abusing everyone in the group. He wasn’t a bad dude to be grouped with as far as personality goes.

He also probably wasn’t using Righteous Fury (I didn’t think to check for that at the time) because he couldn’t keep mobs on himself very well.  It was very much like the trouble I’ve seen other paladin tanks have right before they say, “oops… dint have rf on, lol”. I wish I had checked for that. If he didn’t have it on, I could have politely said something about it. I’ve got no problem with it if somebody tells me I haven’t switched something around properly, and that’s the kind of thing it is easy to forget. And he was, apparently, new to playing a paladin. I’m not counting a whole lot of points off for that.

However, he was taking a lot of damage, and so were other people because mobs kept attacking them when he lost control of them. And he was moving really fast through there. I said more than once that I was drinking for mana, but he went on into the next room and started pulling. Each time, I just barely got in there in time to keep him from dying. In most fights I was spamming Flash of Light (which was, of course, a a real mana drain for me) because there was no way he was going to live long enough for Holy Light to cast. And he was pulling bosses while I was only at about half mana.

After the boss who looks and acts like a paladin but has some DK abilities (I really have to learn his name!), the tank started bragging about how invincable he was as a paladin, and how he always knew paladins were “easy mode” but he’d finally rolled one up just to find out what it was like.

I don’t think I’m any more important than anyone else in the group. It’s a GROUP effort. You need me to heal you, I need you to keep ugly dudes out of my nose, and we need the dps to increase our corpse-crafting speed. I don’t expect to be praised after every heal, every fight, or even at the end of every dungeon. As long as I don’t have to listen to, “WTF? I’m only at 60% health??? FAIL HEALZ!” then I don’t really care if I don’t even get a, “Good job, healer!” But given how things were going in there, I don’t have a problem with saying it was not HIS paladin that was making the difference there. He was not coming out of those fights at full health because he just didn’t take damage, and he sure wasn’t healing himself.

When we got to Godfrey, he jumped down into those… whatever-they-are… on the floor in there, so he was already half-dead by the time I could heal him. I healed him. I also healed everyone else to make sure nobody was starting Godfrey at less than full health. He ran right up while I was still healing the last person and pulled Godfrey… when I was at half mana. And he kept him up there on that ledge. (I’ve seen a lot more success in there when the tank pulls Godfrey down to the floor.) So we all ran up and stood right on top of Godfrey while he proceeded to nearly slaughter us. I used Lay on Hands on the tank at one point and saw his shoot instantly from a tiny sliver of red on VuhDo to a full bar of green… and almost immediately back down to a tiny sliver of red. I saw one of the dps lingering in the “seriously damaged, but not quite about to die” zone, and the other two were so close to dead I thought one of them might already have died. I almost cried. I had to have sounded panicked when I said out loud, “I can’t do this! The tank pulled before I was ready! I HAVE NO MANA!” I had one charge of Holy Power, so the tank got one more Word of Glory from me.

I don’t know why no one died. I really, really don’t. No one died in the whole run. No one died on Godfrey. A couple of people said goodbye and started leaving the group. I went back to the door to turn in the quest for killing Godfrey and collect my shoulders. I really count on getting those shoulders in there.

Except I couldn’t turn the quest in. I had a quest… Godfrey was dead… what was the problem? The problem was that I still had the quest to kill Lord Walden. And, according to my quest log, that hadn’t been completed. In my mad dashes to swallow those last drops of mana restorative and go heal the tank before he died, I had missed a quest turn-in and had somehow picked up the quest to kill Lord Walden right before we went in to kill Godfrey. Apparently, Belmont is too busy worrying about why Cromush crashed his party to notice if you’re a little behind on the quest turn-ins and pick-ups. And I was really counting on those shoulders… /sigh

On the plus side, I found out Tauren paladins have a Sunwalker quest with a Sunwalker weapon! That was a nice touch. My draenei and dwarf paladins got the exact same quests and hammers, so I’m guessing there is simple one Alliance paladin level 20 quest. Muchao felt a bit special.

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