Things I Need to Work On

My husband rolled up a Tauren warrior so I could be guaranteed a decent tank now and then if we queue together. On one hand, I kind of feel like this defeats the purpose of “learning the hard way”. On the other hand, there are still other people in the group I have no idea what to expect from, and I could use a relatively easy run now and then. It also means I got a chance to see how I’m doing if things go well. It’s an opportunity to step back and just look at my own performance without taking into account the bad pulls, loss of control of mobs, low mana etc.

I mentioned in the last post that I had forgotten to untarget the tank when I wanted to use Hand of Protection on myself once. Last night, I noticed I’m bad about wanting to Holy Shock one of the dps after a combat but still having the tank targeted. The dps ends up getting Word of Glory instead. This may not be a big problem on its own, but it means I need to be more mindful of who I am or am not targeting.

I need to stand closer to the tank. Holy paladins are not squishy clothies, and I’m not using my Judgement from halfway across the room.

I need to stop using Holy Shock on the tank as soon as they pull so that I have a charge of Holy Power and can use Word of Glory as an emergency heal. This is not doing the threat situation any good. Maybe this won’t be such a problem at higher levels? (He had just hit 20 and we were doing SFK again.) I’m thinking it’d be best to break the habit, anyway.

I need to remember rogues exist. This has always been an issue with me, even as dps. I don’t actually see them! I was in a group for one of the wings of Scarlet Monastery when I was leveling my hunter and there was a point where the tank had to go afk for a few seconds, so we all stood in a safe corner. I suddenly realized there was a dwarf next to me balancing on her tip-toes with her arms out, and I could see right through her. How long had this rogue been there? We were halfway through the dungeon and I hadn’t seen her before! The same thing is happening when I heal. I just don’t notice rogues.

This hasn’t been a problem since I’m still able to monitor their health through VuhDo… but what happens if something goes wrong with VuhDo? I remember being in a group once where our healer was an abysmal failure and wanted us all to accept that it wasn’t their fault, it was because their Healbot wasn’t working correctly. That doesn’t work for me. I don’t think an addon should be necessary for someone to fill their role properly. It makes the job easier, and that may mean the player can fill their role better with it than without it, but I think a healer should be able to at least prevent multiple wipes without their addon. Which also means I may want to try healing without VuhDo in some more controlled situations for practice.

I’m also still having trouble getting around some of the scenery. This is a long-term problem for me, and my husband hasn’t been able to help me figure out what to do about it. No matter what race/class combo I play, there are just strange things that happen with my camera angles when I get too close to a corner or go up some stairs. For a long time, my husband reassured me that the change in view was normal. Then he actually looked at what I was talking about one night. It’s doing a very normal thing, but not to a normal degree. I’m being forced into a point of view that prevents me from having any clue what’s going on around me until I get off those stairs or out of that corner, and sometimes that’s difficult to do because… well, I can’t see what’s really around me. (This was a serious problem on my hunter in the first part of Halls of Reflection, when tanks always told us to pack into the corner tightly.) I’ve gotten advice from a GM, my husband has gone over all my settings… we don’t know why it happens. If I can’t do anything about it, I at least need to find some way to work with it. I need to adjust what I’m doing to minimize putting myself in places where I’m not going to be doing the group any good.

It’d be a shame to see people die because the healer got her horns stuck on a rafter.

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One Response to Things I Need to Work On

  1. TheGrumpyElf says:

    I have the same camera problem. If you ever figure it out PLEASE leave a note on my blog. No one in my guild even understand what I am saying when I try to explain it.

    Nothing is more annoying then getting something behind you and then all you see is wall. You can’t see the mob or what you are doing or where you are standing. It is beyond frustrating. It is even worse if you are tanking. One mob is fine but more then one if all you see is wall you never know if the other mob is off eating someone or not.

    As for healing without an addon I can give you a little cheat (not really cheating) to that which I use being I use healbot and sometimes it likes to go bye bye for some unknown reason.

    Set your party frames to show as raid frames. Once they show as raid frames you can move them wherever you want. Put them in a place you are comfortable with and leave it there.

    Make all your healing spells mouseovers. Keybind everything. Now you just hover over people and hit the key and they get the heal.

    The raid frames will show you who is out of range as well as telling you health, incoming heal amount, debuffs, etc. It is practically a replacement for healing mods if you wanted to use it as such. With mouse over macros it is fantastic.

    I keep mine like that but hidden. If my healing addon goes wacko I pop up the in game frames and they are where I want them already and I go on healing as if nothing happened.

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