Holy Tanking Yetimus the Yeti Lord

I’m not going to get a screenshot of Yetimus for this post. I’m just not brave enough. If you haven’t seen him yet, head out to the Hillsbrad Foothills. Stand around somewhere between Tarren Mill and the yeti cave. (You know… the one that’s a cave full of yetis unless you’re doing Old Hillsbrad Foothills in the Caverns of Time. Then it’s your entrance/exit.) When you see him coming… GET AWAY! For the love of everything holy, unholy, and morally ambiguous JUST RUN! He’s a brown yeti as big as a freakin’ mountain and he’ll throw you all over the place. Then he’ll stomp on you. Then he’ll do it again. And again. Until you’re dead.

There’s a Horde quest to kill him. It’s a “suggested players: 3” quest, with no special items or NPC buddies to help you. You can get the quest at level 21. Wowhead shows it’s orange at 21, yellow at 23, green at 28, and goes grey at 33. I don’t believe in doing anything that suggests more than two players the way it’s suggested. That would require asking people to help. If my husband and I can’t kill it together, it’s just not my problem. This hasn’t been an issue with the changes that make a lot of quests fairly mandatory for progressing through the area. Those quests have special items and NPC buddies. The quest to kill Yetimus is optional.

The first time I ran into Yetimus, I was a SV hunter and my husband was a shadow priest. We had just gotten the quest and it was an abysmal failure. I had no idea anything could throw me that far! My pet despawned once after Yetimus threw me because we’d gotten so far away from each other.

The next time I ran into him, my husband and I were both hunters. I specced BM. He went with MM, named his orc Mawhinney and names all his pets “Chuck”. Because a certain degree of insanity is required to be a Marine. And because Blizzard doesn’t stop you from naming all your pets the same thing anymore. I keep trying to get him to change the pig’s name to “Bacon”.

We waited a few levels that second time, then figured, “Hey! Two hunters can TOTALLY do this!” So we cleared out the yetis around the opening of the cave and just inside, and I grabbed Yetimus when he came close. The plan was for me to pet tank him with my bear while my husband showed me just how wonderful that MM dps can be. I was standing inside the yeti cave so Yetimus couldn’t throw me around. He killed my bear instead. I backed up a little more to rez the bear while my husband kept shooting Yetimus for a minute, and then…


This yeti is HUGE! He’s the size of the outside of the yeti cave! The entrance is about the size of one of his legs! Neither of us could have predicted that would happen. Then the other yetis started respawning in the cave and I died. And no, I did NOT want to try again!

I told you all that to tell you this…

Muchao was level 32 a couple of nights ago and I decided to start heading toward the Eastern Plaguelands. I had not been questing through the Eastern Kingdoms with her, but I did with another character, so I knew I’d get sent to EPL from Revantusk Village when it was time. And the easiest way for me to get to Revantusk Village would be to take the quest with a free flight from Hammerfall in the Arathi Highlands. With no flight points in the Eastern Kingdoms, I set off on my trusty Sunwalker Kodo from the Undercity and rode over to Silverpine, through Silverpine, uphill – both ways – past the first half of Hillsbrad Foothills… and then I stopped to do the quests to get my Singing Sunflower. I don’t go to the Plaguelands without a Singing Sunflower. I need someone to point out all the zombies on the lawn.

Got the Sunflower and continued down the road to Tarren Mill. When I got to the guardtower past Tarren Mill, I saw in General Chat that someone was “LFG for [Yetimus the Yeti Lord]” and thought to myself, “Yeah… I don’t blame you. Make it a big group.” Then I lost my mind and decided to tackle the Durnholde Challenge quests. Really, my defense here is temporary insanity.

I killed Bloodvenom without much trouble and was moving on to Infernus when I got a whisper asking me if I’d done the Yetimus quest yet. I said I hadn’t, and that I wasn’t really questing through there… just headed to the Arathi Highlands. Then I got my ass handed to me by Infernus. In the middle of that, the whisperer had replied to ask me if I would help them with Yetimus. As I lay there on the ground asking myself why I tried to do this, I realized I had a choice to make. I could go with a weak excuse for why I was way too busy to help, or I could just do what’s in my nature.

I won’t ask people for help with group quests, but I don’t think I’ve ever said no to someone who asked me. I pet tanked things in Hellfire Peninsula for a DK once who had been killed a few times trying it on his own. I flew from Borean Tundra to Grizzly Hills once to help somebody who I figured must be pretty desperate for help if they were whispering strangers several zones away. I saved a druid who was trying to kill that huge corehound in Shadowmoon Valley because I’d already seen her die twice and just knew she was going to try it again.

I blame this on a blood elf paladin. When I started playing WoW and my husband and I had little lowbie Forsaken questing through Silverpine we had to do the quest that took us into the mine full of worgen. It’s been revamped now. You go in there with a whole team of Forsaken NPCS, and it’s mostly a little scene that happens in there rather than combat. It used to be you and a cave full of feral worgen. Moonrage things… not those guys in top hats who think they’re being inconspicuous by standing on the side of the road in bear form. We were struggling just to get past the ones outside the mine when a level 80 blood elf paladin rode up on a motorcycle and invited us to a group. He made everything die real fast, gave us some stuff to help us on our way, and was gone.

Every time I’ve done something in the game over the past two years to help some stranger who asks, it’s been because of that blood elf.

So I told the whisperer I’d help once I collected my body, and warned them not to go near Durnholde anytime soon. They invited me to a group, and the whisperer turned out to be a level 27 frost mage. I said I’d ride toward where they were, and she said she was following “the guy we have to kill”. I asked her if she’d done this before and she said no, so I warned her about getting thrown around and stomped. She asked if I thought we could do it. Because there’s a fine line between optimism and insanity and I was dancing all over it, I said, “We can try…” I buffed her, caught up to Yetimus, and attacked!

It occured to me later that she probably thought she was getting a ret pally for this. Most of the advice I’ve seen on leveling a holy paladin starts with “Level as Retribution”.  If it doesn’t, the assumption seems to be that the holy paladin is being leveled through the Dungeon Finder. The internet leaves me with the impression that most folks don’t enjoy questing as a holy paladin. Yeah, well… I’m not cut out for Protection and I just don’t enjoy Retribution. It almost seems sad, as I can play ret well enough. It just doesn’t feel fun. I’m willing to do nearly anything as a Holy Paladin, though!

Yetimus stayed on me the whole time. I got thrown around, and I got stomped on. That’s what Divine Protection, Word of Glory, and Lay on Hands are for. VuhDo shows up when I group with someone, so it was easy for me to see the mage’s health even though I wasn’t acting as her healer. She was fine the whole time. The mage and the Water Elemental went at it while I kept Yetimus on me. When he was dead, the mage thanked me profusely and I was glad to have finally been successful in killing him!

I don’t think I’m going to be picking up a tanking spec, though. My mind kept shouting, “KILL HIM! KILL HIM FASTER! OH GOD, MAKE HIM DIE!” Even if I could teach myself not to back up from enemies, I just don’t think I have the right attitude for tanking. I don’t trust people enough. If I didn’t trust my healer I’d start to fret about whether or not I could trust the dps to get something down before it kills me.  I don’t need that stress. I have little love for bad tanks, but the good ones out there? Thank you. Thank you for keeping the bad guys from trying to crawl up my nose. Thank you for trusting me to keep you alive while you do it.

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4 Responses to Holy Tanking Yetimus the Yeti Lord

  1. Rades says:

    Ahh, Yetimus. In the Cataclysm world where group quests are rare, I remember being quite taken aback at how ferocious this guy is. I died numerous times to him on my baby mage, trying all SORTS of devious kiting/snaring methods. I did eventually kill him, but only going into SRS MODE and really focusing. In comparison, I managed to solo everything in the Durnholde ruins, but Yetimus? *shudder* So hard.

    I have to admit, I am seriously amused at the outrage/shock in your story when he SQUEEZED INSIDE THE CAVE. He must be like a rat! Pliable, with soft bones, or something. Was there real-life yelling? Haha.

    But, congrats on tanking him (in Holy spec!) and getting your revenge!

    • Indeed, there was real life yelling! I may have to go back and pull him to the cave again to take a screenshot of it. Earth’s laws of physics have no power in Azeroth.

  2. Apple says:

    I also tend to be helpful when it’s asked of me, and if I happen to notice someone having a hard time, I try to help. It’s sad that I can’t heal the opposite faction (as long as we’re not PvP flagged) because a couple of times I’ve come across a Hordie in desperate need of heals, and couldn’t give it to them – so instead, I added my meager questing-holy DPS to their efforts to kill The Thing (whatever The Thing was for them).

    I think one of my most vivid memories of being helped was in Arathi, when a Troll and a Belf helped my Draenei out on some quests in Stromgarde, and then helped me get to Southshore for the FP. Just, out of nowhere, this Troll started emoting at me, and we “talked” a bit that way, and then I had to go quest but he and his friend were in Stromgarde, too, so we just started helping each other. And we knew to keep going by using /point and /no or /yes, and it was overall a very fun experience. I THINK I blogged about it, like, a year ago. XD

    Regardless, I’m glad you got the fucker down. 😀

    • The quests in Stromgarde! YES! When I quested through there leveling before Cataclysm, there was a Forsaken rogue and a Blood Elf mage going through there together, doing the same quest I was doing. They’d grab a couple of mobs and I’d go around them to grab the next couple of mobs. We stayed out of each other’s way that way, but then we got to the room in the keep where we had to kill the guy and take his head. I pointed to the Forsaken and then pointed to the guy (because if I die, I don’t want to do it in front of strangers… let them finish and go away!) and then helped on dps once they had attacked him. But then they stayed after they killed him. The Blood Elf built a campfire and we all /sat and kept doing /silly and /laugh. When the guy respawned, the Forsaken pointed to me and then to the guy. I shot, then the Forsaken and Blood Elf helped. We stuck together getting back out, then there were /waves and /cheers and they went one way and I went the other.

      I did keep getting “helped” by a dwarf hunter the other night while I was questing as Muchao and wished I could tell him, “I’m not weak… I’m specced Holy. Thanks, but I’m not having trouble. Srsly.”

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