Intellect Issues


I am convinced that they are a unique lot amongst the humans. My theory is that they lack higher brain function, unable to logically assess a situation and calculate an outcome. One has only to make mention of the Light to get them frothing and battle ready – at which point they will rush headlong into any engagement with complete disregard for their own well being.

— Baron Rivendare in the Death Knight starting experience

This was going to be a post about a couple of things… my first time healing Zul’Farrak, and finding intellect plate now that Glorwynn has Plate Specialization. It turns out this post will be about neither.

I haven’t had a lot of time to play WoW in the past few weeks. Real life went haywire. I’ve just been getting back to a regular schedule this week, which means I’ve spent quite a bit of time catching up on real life things that had to be put on hold for other real life things to be taken care of. And I’ve realized I haven’t actually missed WoW nearly as much as I’ve wanted to miss it. So I asked myself why. Am I not enjoying the story? Do I not care as much as I thought I would about the new quest lines? I’m still happy in the Horde guild I’m in, right? Why do I not really care if the end of my day is spent on WoW or not if I, supposedly, like the game so much?

I do love the story. There are some kinks in it right now with the way things have and have not been updated, but it still holds me and I want to see where it goes.

I’m enjoying most of the new quest lines. There are some quests that use certain mechanics that make the actual play unenjoyable for me, but the quests are letting me experience the story. So yeah… I’m good on quests.

I am still happy in this guild! Logging in to talk to them is often the best part of the night! One of my guildies is someone I really enjoy some hilarious “jokingly mean” banter with. It’s great mental exercise to keep up with him, and a night doesn’t feel complete until we’ve swapped insults.

The problem seems to come down to me feeling stupid when it comes to the game. It starts to make everything seem pointless after a while. Why get to end-game if I’m not going to be able to do end-game content? Why push myself to the next level range if that’s just going to bring a bunch of stuff I don’t understand and need someone to hold my hand through? Why subject myself to discussions about the game that are littered with assumptions about the intelligence level of anyone who doesn’t understand how this works?

There are people who read this blog who seem to respect my opinions on things and enjoy discussing things with me. In general, I don’t get the feeling I’m seen as an idiot. I’m careful to not speak up about things I have consistent trouble with (meaning, I’ve done this repeatedly already and need a lot of help each and every time… it does NOT get easier for me with experience) because I don’t want to start being seen as an idiot. But this is getting in the way of me enjoying something that is a hobby. My fun time. My relaxation.

I’m about to change my tone in this post, and I want each of you reading it to keep in mind the reason for the change. I know I’m about to start doing the very same thing I say is making the game unpleasant for me when other people do it. It’s because I want some of you to hear what you sound like.

The time I spend playing WoW is being tainted by the number of complete morons running rampant in the game. When these people QQ enough about how they’re so much better than everyone else and deserve more of a challenge, Blizzard wants that $15.00 a month so they make things more challenging. Great… feed the egos of the “I’m morally superior because I’m a completely logical being who has shed all traces of humanity and lives in a world of ones and zeros” crowd. I mean, Light forbid they should ever have to find something else to do with their time if WoW doesn’t completely satisfy them.

These “mental giants” can’t rub enough brain cells together to figure out there are very intelligent people out there who just can’t master every aspect of FantasyPixelLand. I don’t know… maybe their mommies didn’t hug them enough when they were little so now they have some warped image of a life lived with meaning being the ability to quickly organize a bunch of numbers in their mind and “kill” a creature that doesn’t actually exist in the first place.

The saddest part is that they must feel so unfulfilled this way. I mean, let’s extend their “logic”. If the game is so easy now that only morons can’t do everything in it and everyone (even the morons) should be at end game already, let’s take that approach into the real world. How many of the PurplePixel Gods have played Carnegie Hall? Obviously, playing the piano isn’t rocket science. Anyone who can’t master it is just a tone-deaf waste of skin. How many of them are on professional basketball teams? Basketball is a game that KIDS play! Seriously… if you can’t master basketball, you must be some lazy lump of flesh who just isn’t trying.

How about saving lives? There are tons of doctors in the world. I’m guessing a fair number of them went to public schools as children. It’s not like it takes a genius to learn biology, anatomy, how to play a simple matching game to diagnose illnesses and prescribe the correct treatment.

Oh sure… some WoW players are doctors. Some are great musicians. And I wouldn’t be surprised if some professional basketball players are running Zul’Gurub and Zul’Aman. But why isn’t everyone all of those things? If some people can do them, everyone should be able to do all of them. It’s just not that hard… right?

I don’t see how anybody that dumb can be allowed to live. Come on, people… no accounting for individual strengths and weakenesses? It is completely idiotic to expect everyone to be a creative thinker, social organizer, group leader, healer, tank, have the biggest dps numbers ever, master every profession, be the best in every class, and never have some weird issue they are unaware of that is completely outside their control.

I guess Blizzard’s happy this way because people too dumb to ask, “Is it possible there’s a difference between what is ‘basic and easy’ to me and what is ‘basic and easy’ to other people?” are too dumb to figure out how to cancel their subscription, either. They’ll just keep paying for the game forever.

Okay… I’m finished making myself sound like an asshole. That gets painful after a few minutes. It’s painful to be on the receiving end, too. Because I don’t speak up, I don’t get that crap aimed right at me. I see it all the time, though, and I recognize myself in the things being labeled as “moron territory”. I’m not talking about the really basic…um… basics. I’m not talking about issues like hunters pulling, or a warrior being half-dressed in intellect mail.

I can’t choose my own gems. It’s not the stats that are confusing to me, it’s the colors. There are green, blue, and purple quality gems. There are also green, blue, and purple gems. Green and purple gems can match blue sockets. Obviously, blue gems match blue sockets. Then there’s all the other gems. I can be looking for a blue quality purple gem to go in a red socket. It’s… just a bit more than I can easily wrap my mind around. My husband always chooses my gems for me. I tell him what color I need for the socket bonus and we see what stats I need on it. Then he chooses a gem and cuts it for me. If I try to buy gems on the auction house it will always end in tears… and him choosing my gems for me, anyway.

On the other hand, I just learned last night that thinking science is boring is not the only reason more people don’t read Einstein’s work. I honestly had no idea there’s a rather large, reasonably intelligent, segment of the population that can’t make sense of it if they do try to read it. I really thought it’s just a lack of interest. I don’t think any less of those people today than I did yesterday, though. I still think they are reasonably intelligent people. I’m just… surprised.

A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.

— Lazarus Long (“Time Enough For Love”, Robert Heinlein)

Generally speaking, I agree with Lazarus Long. But he’s a character who had so long to live he could compltely master all that and more. I think the lesson in that quote that is applicable to us in the real world is live a well-rounded life. Experience many things. It’s okay not to be the absolute best at everything you do, but do your best in everything you do.

Please stop making assumptions about and belittling everyone who doesn’t do everything as well as you do. If we were all over-powered, life would be horribly imbalanced.

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6 Responses to Intellect Issues

  1. Rades says:

    The judgmental, refusing-to-understand people are annoying, sad truth. But one of the great things about playing an MMO is that there are so many friends and friendly people you can ask for help without feeling dumb or guilty! So you can’t choose gems. My reaction? /shrug And if your husband weren’t around and you NEEDED A GEM RIGHT NOW THIS SECOND, I’d be happy to help you choose & get one. Conversely, if I ever wanted help roleplaying a character, and I was having trouble with it (since I don’t have any experience playing WoW RP) I’d definitely message you and see what you could suggest!

    I mean, it even works for dungeon-running, questing, etc. If you love to heal, and someone you know loves to tank – INSTANT FRIENDS! It’s great to team up with people and complement each other’s strengths while negating the weaknesses. 🙂

    Long story short, I agree with you completely and wish that everyone had such a level-headed, understanding view on things. /thumbsup

  2. /hugs Sounds like some nasty people really got under your skin and that makes me a sad Pally.

    Judgmental is an excellent description for such asshats. Even when their inadequacy-driven-BS isn’t directed at me, I find it depressing/irritating/infuriating. I think most of these judgmental types are just trolls of another color if you will. They get their jollies by deliberately ruining another’s fun. Fortunately for me, awesome people like you are around too!

    Personally, I play this game for fun. Not to be the absolute best at everything, or even one thing. I do what I do for fun and that can vary on a daily, or sometimes even hourly, basis. Anyone who doesn’t like it, can frack off as far as I’m concerned.

    And on an end note, I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who finds the Cata gem system confusing. I rely heavily on guides for gemming and have compiled lists of gems per color slot/spec that I reference when I need a new one. There’s just too many bloody choices otherwise and my brain goes into meltdown.

  3. Masith says:

    Tbh I think the issue is with expectations. WotLK led to a situation where it was assumed that all 5 mans were easy and that everyone would be able to do that. This has led to a situation where you feel that if you are lacking the skill at the present time to do ZG/ZA you are a complete failure rather than just being on a different stage in the learning progression path than others.

    For example on my alt I did a normal stonecore run recently in the run was a level 85 boomkin. This player was only doing 6k dps which in a normal 85 dungeon is a little low and in a heroic is actually making it considerably harder for the rest of the team to succeed. However in normal stonecore this is very nice dps and so it was a great place for this boomkin to learn and improve to the level where they are capable of being an asset to a heroic group. They were merely on a different stage of the learning curve and credit to them tey realised it and didn’t feel the need to inflict themselves on a group they weren’t ready for.

    To use an example at the other end of the spectrum I was healing my first ZA pug on my paladin the other day. My paladin is reasonably well geared all heroic loot + some rep epics and is fully gemmed and enchanted so I felt confident I should be able to cope. We had a DK tank and he kept dieing on trash he was taking so much damage that I was unable to spend any time healing anyone else. As this was my first run I started to question if I was ready to heal this, was I doing something wrong, did I need to somehow get better gear…? Still I kept going and after a 6th/7th wipe on the trash before the second boss I checked the tanks gear I realised he had zero enchants some dps gear and was gemmed for strength. I am ashamed to say I turned into one of those eltists who insults peoples in pugs I was just so annoyed this person had caused me to doubt my own performance because he wanted to sign up to an instance he clearly wasn’t ready for.

    The progression path in wow isn’t just about the gear, to use one of the analogies you used if heroic raids are the NBA then ZA/ZG are a local amateur team. If you aren’t at this level then no shame you just still need to practice like with any other sport and there are plenty of places to practice if you want to, see above boomkin.

    • A few moments now and then of frustration are different from a regular mindset, and you get points for being ashamed of what you let the situation do to you. I think being put in a situation where you have to question yourself now and then is healthy. When you realize your performance is not the problem, at least it comes from an honest look at what’s going on instead of just assuming you’re doing fine.

      I really didn’t take the “lolz this is easy unless you’re a moron” attitude from people much better during Wrath. I just kept telling myself Wrath content must have been so hard for me because I was still realtively new to things, and that it would be better in Cataclysm when everyone was at the same starting point. I figured we’d all have to get used to new mechanics, new gear, new rotations, etc and it would be quite a while before this crap started. I was very, very wrong. I was so proud of myself when I finally got the hang of most of the Wrath 5 mans. Some of them, I never could get the hang of some things in there and just started avoiding. I was never raid geared… I couldn’t just sweep through the room spewing dps all over the place and never dying. I actually had to know how to play my class correctly. But the expectation seemed to be that I should move faster and not worry about certain things because none of this would be a problem if I had “decent gear”. And “decent gear” seemed to mean ICC gear.

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  5. ironyca says:

    I usually look at the people who flap about “morons”, and think “Wow you really need to be reassured of your own skill, since this can matter so much”. Those flappers get really boring and annoying really fast, and sadly they are often too damn loud and flappy to be easily ignored. But don’t worry, they have their own complexes, if only theirs were more quantifiable, they would get their own fair share of negative attention I’m sure.

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