Where/When on Azeroth is Nozdormu?

Twitter lore discussions spawn yet another lore post. I don’t think paladins even show up in this one. (At least Arthas shows up in Anub’arak lore, and he used to be a paladin.) Skip it if you just really don’t care why no one can find a huge bronze dragon aspect who exists everywhen.

A vision of Nozdormu appears briefly at the Bronze Shrine, but Nozdormu's been AWOL for some time.

This picture of the vision of Nozdormu in Dragonblight comes from Postcards From Azeroth. I never get tired of looking through the pictures there.

Nozdormu has a new non-dragon model and will show up in the questline for the new legendary weapon. I better explain my off-the-wall, “No, I don’t REALLY believe this, but it’s fun to play with in my mind” theory about where/when he’s been all this time before Blizzard destroys what little logic there may be in it.

The popular theory is that Nozdormu has somehow been corrupted/wants to avoid his own death/went out for reagents and got kidnapped/whatever and is the leader of the Infinite Flight. If you bet someone money that I was going to say my theory is that he’s the leader of the Infinite Flight, you just lost a bet.

Wowpedia cites the RPG book Shadows & Light as the source for this description of Nozdormu’s nature:

He frequently takes on the role of a humanoid creature and travels incognito as a simple commoner or peon. When doing this, the only consistent trait he displays is the absence of any need to hurry.

After you see the vision of Nozdormu at the Bronze Shrine in Dragonblight, Chromie tells you the Bronze Flight has no clue when or where Nozdormu is. They know he went to deal with something important, but that’s it.

How do you lose track of an aspect who is everywhen? I mean, if you can’t find him in one place and time, shouldn’t you be able to find him in another? There have to be places and times he was known to be in!

But what if Nozdormu himself no longer knows where or when he is? What if he doesn’t even remember WHO he is anymore? Maybe he put everything that makes him the Lord of Time into a pocketwatch and put a perception filter on it so even he wouldn’t remember because he needed to hide for a while.

I’m sorry. Did you really think you could get through this without a Doctor Who reference? I hope you didn’t bet money on that. If it helps, that part isn’t really part of my theory. I think corruption could have caused him to forget who he is.

Nozdormu could very well have been right under our noses, giving us an escort quest and and annoying the living daylights out of us with it, all along.

Nice color choice for the clothes. Bronze looks good on you.

This dwarf drove me nuts before Cataclysm! He was out at his dig site in Darkshore and it had been overrun. He walked back and forth through the place like there was nothing more dangeous than a butterfly around while I had to get help because I couldn’t fight everything off and was dying while he looked for a fossil! And then he remembers he already gave the fossil to someone else! GRRR!!!

No, I’m not still angry. Why would you think that?

Post-Cataclysm, some other dwarves have gone out there to meet with him, but your help is needed because the excavation has been flooded and is full of murlocs. Somebody has to get Prospector Remtravel to wherever it is he left a very important book, and “somebody” means “you”. The escort quest is… well, it’s MUCH easier now. If you haven’t done it, you really should. I would hate to spoil the ending for you. Just make sure you’re not in a hurry. He’s certainly not. He never has been.

The thing is, this dwarf probably forgets where his own feet are ten or twenty times a day. He’s not the best at looking at what’s going on around him and getting any meaning out of it, either. “Clueless” is a bit of an understatement. But he’s not stupid. His mind just isn’t what it used to be, and because he’s an old dwarf you’re supposed to think this is senility. You’re not supposed to think he might be the Aspect of Time trapped in one of his own disguises because he’s forgotten where/when/who he is.

Besides, if someone were trying to prevent Nozdormu from having a hand in much of anything that goes on in Azeroth, they’d probably corrupt him somehow, right? That’s what happened to Neltharion/Deathwing. It can be argued that it happened to Malygos, as well. Poor, insane Malygos. Ysera’s whole realm was being corrupted, and it often sounds like she had a very narrow escape from that. Alexstrazsa herself may not have been corrupted, but she was held captive and forced to breed so that her children could be used as instruments of war and then killed.

(I do sometimes wonder just WHY it’s Ysera and Alexstrazsa who have escaped. The two female aspects, with domains so very closely tied, who recieved their power from the same Titan. Hmm…)

So if Nozdormu were Prospector Remtravel, where could corruption be coming from?

Pre-Cataclysm, this was just a bunch of cultists standing around a half-buried weapon in the dirt.

I’m sure that’s nothing to be concerned about. There’s a lot of weird stuff in Darkshore. Elf ghosts, moonkin ghosts, the Tower of Althalaxx, Malfurion, Malfurion’s friend the cyclone… it’s a weird place. That thing in the picture used to be mostly buried. Just the blade in its head was sticking out of the ground. And it’s not like Prospector Remtravel’s dig site is right next to the thing… right?

That thing must be driving down the property value in this neighborhood!

That may not be the best place to set up a dig site. Chromie did say Nozdormu had gone to deal with something important. What a shame if he didn’t finish dealing with it because he forgot why he was there.

Yes, the Infinite Flight theory makes sense. There are two ways of looking at that. One is that it’s the most likely theory we can come up with until Blizzard reveals the answer because it makes so much sense. The other is that it makes TOO much sense! Almost as if all signs pointed to Nozdormu being the leader of the Inifite Flight just so we would think that. I’m not presenting the Prospector Remtravel theory as a truly serious theory, but it also gives us something to think about.

How many times have you lost something, only to find it later in a place you’d swear you had already looked and can’t understand why you didn’t see it there?

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  1. Apple says:

    I would like to subscribe to this theory. πŸ˜› Seriously. I’m not even kidding. I firmly prefer it to anything else I’ve heard floated around. SO THERE.

  2. koalabear21 says:

    This is actually one of the better theories I have heard about him. I really like it. πŸ™‚

    Makes me wonder what your thoughts on the Infinite Flight are.

    • The popular theories about the Infinite Flight really do make sense, and the Prospector Remtravel theory would rule those out so… Hmm… I need to give this some thought!

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