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I’ve been doing some really obscure quests. You probably haven’t heard of them.

I’ve been mistaken for a new player several times in the past few months. Obviously, this is because I level by questing. It’s so mainstream to hit 15 with an alt, queue in LFD, and race to 85 so you … Continue reading

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Thoughts on CDev Q&A – Canon, or Non-Canon?

The Creative Devlopment team disappointed me a few days ago. Overall, I liked the Q&A. It’s just one answer that felt like a letdown. You might be thinking I’m disappointed that they said the RPG books are non-canon. If so, … Continue reading

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Recommended Reading – Tanks, Being Nice, and Social Anxiety Revisited

Blizzard has blessed (and cursed) us with answers to some lore questions in the latest round of Ask Creative Development Q&A. There are a couple of answers in there that really jump out at me and stir up some thought, … Continue reading

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Chillin’ With Yetimus – Yetimus Facts

Chillin’ With Yetimus will be a regular feature here at Heavy Wool Bandage. By “regular” I mean that it will happen from time to time, with no plans to cut it off after a certain point, but no… there’s no … Continue reading

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Lore Post – Why did Elling Trias retire?

I keep promising a post about Yetimus, and I keep not delivering. Yetimus is busy, okay? He’s throwing around folks in Hillsbrad. He hasn’t got time to sit down and chat for a blog post. His people will call my … Continue reading

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When the Healer says “Pull Bigger”

Rhii has a tale of level 20 SFK and a paladin healer who (in my opinion) shouldn’t be healing over on Oh My, Kurenai!. Level 20 SFK is my specialty. Mostly because it’s probably the dungeon I’ve healed most often. … Continue reading

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But can it be my new mount?

I logged onto Twitter one day recently to find everyone had gone nuts with a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic pony creator on deviantART. Before the day was over, I eventually abandoned work for a little while to go … Continue reading

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