But can it be my new mount?

The Heavy Wool Bandage HOLYPONY! Now with ARGENT SPARKLES!

I logged onto Twitter one day recently to find everyone had gone nuts with a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic pony creator on deviantART. Before the day was over, I eventually abandoned work for a little while to go make my own pony.

Flavor Text Lore has an excellent article about the WoW/My Little Pony craze that took over Twitter that day. I don’t just say that because the Holypony is in the article. I say that because it’s an article truly worth reading. Not just, “LOL hay guise, look @ teh PONYZ!!!” with picture after picture of pony after pony. It’s an in-depth look at why some people enjoy taking a pixel character from WoW and transforming them into a pixel pony meant to represent that character in some way. About how much we can feel our characters are a part of us that we want to create fan art that sometimes feels more like personal art. About… well, it’s about a lot of things. It’s well-written and offers a lot of food for thought.

Holypony will shower you with Argent Sparkles if you go read it!

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