Lore Post – Why did Elling Trias retire?

I keep promising a post about Yetimus, and I keep not delivering. Yetimus is busy, okay? He’s throwing around folks in Hillsbrad. He hasn’t got time to sit down and chat for a blog post. His people will call my people.

So today we’re going to talk about something near and dear to my heart… cheese. But only as much as it relates to Elling Trias.

The Trias cheese shop is my second home.

Elling Trias runs Trias’ Cheese in Stormwind along with other members of his family. One More Glass, the cheese shop in Dalaran, is also run by members of the Trias family. That’s not what Elling Trias has always done, though, and I suspected for a long time that running a cheese shop was just his way of going undercover in plain sight.

I may have been a little wrong about that.

Elling Trias was a rogue. Someone that Mathias Shaw will call on if he really, really needs help. There could probably be a few more “really”s and maybe even a “desperately” in there, because Mathias Shaw doesn’t just go running to Elling Trias every time they need one more guy with daggers in a group.

In the old Lescovar Incident questline (gone in Cataclysm), Shaw sent players to Elling Trias for help. He told the player, “You’ll need other help. I loathe to do so, but there is someone I know that will aid us. You’ll find Trias in the Trade District of the city.”

It didn’t sound like he was very happy about this. And Elling Trias wasn’t happy to be asked.

“You’re kidding? Shaw wants my help again? Of all the nerve…

The Defias Brotherhood, you say? Well, you’re certainly the bearer of wonderful news, aren’t you? Next you’re going to tell me that Deathwing is still alive and attacking the city.”

Someone might want to look into whether or not Elling Trias has prophetic dreams. That could be helpful in the future.

Players were sent to Trias for help again in the Missing Diplomat questline (also gone in Cataclysm). A man named Jorgen, who appeared to be just a random fisherman in the Valley of Heroes until you were sent to him for this, sent us on with a letter for Elling Trias. The letter was sealed, so we couldn’t read it, but Jorgen warned us, “Don’t say nothin’ else to him. Just be polite and wait for him to respond. And don’t worry, he will. ”

Trias seemed pleasantly surprised to get a delivery that wasn’t work-related… until he opened the letter.

“Jorgen, you ol’ sonuva…. So, that’s how it’s going to be, huh?

All right, I can deal with that. I hope he finds the Twisting Nether that much sooner!”

This man is really not happy about it when people want his old services, and the Light only knows what Jorgen might have threatened him with if he didn’t help!

But why is Elling Trias so opposed to making use of skills he must have spent years mastering?

Well, okay… being a rogue IS hard work. My first rogue, Tilsit, didn’t make it past level five. She was a human rogue, and once I got her into Elwynn Forest I made a terrible mistake with her. I picked a Silverleaf. It broke her stealth, and I will swear until the day I die that I aggro’d half of Elwynn Forest! Every time I broke stealth, she died. I gave up and deleted her.

Tilsit was a pre-Cataclysm rogue. Cheshireblue and Wensleydale are post-Cataclysm rogues who are doing much better. And yes, I name rogues after cheeses.

I doubt Elling Trias had the problem I did, though. He never would have made it to being the person Mathias Shaw calls on in an emergency if Silverleaf was his Kryptonite. But there’s not much known about Elling Trias. He used to be a rogue. One can assume he was very good at that. He has a passion for cheese, and all his family members seem to run cheese shops.

Wait… ALL his family members?

Oh. That could complicate things.

David Trias doesn’t seem to have anything to do with cheese. He’s the ONLY Trias in the game who isn’t directly related to cheese. He’s the Forsaken rogue trainer in Deathknell, setting freshly risen Forsaken rogues on the path to sneaking up behind humans and gutting them before they have time to say, “OMG! Rogue!”

The game doesn’t actually tell us that the Trias family of One More Glass is related to the Trias family of Trias’ Cheese. But it doesn’t tell us that they aren’t, either, and it does seem like the reasonable assumption. In fact, you’d expect them to have a sign in the shop that says something like “Not Affliated In Any Way With Those OTHER Trias Folks!” if they weren’t because it’s such an obvious conclusion.

Likewise, the game doesn’t tell us David Trias is related to Elling Trias, but it doesn’t tell us that he’s not. What are the chances of two humans named Trias becoming skilled rogues, but having no relation to each other? Okay, the chances aren’t really all that bad. But what are the chances of it happening in Azeroth, where a big part of the story is about the struggles between living, breathing people and the formerly living, breathing people who were their friends and loved ones?

Is David Trias the father of Elling Trias? A brother? A son? Is David Trias the reason Elling Trias just wants to sit quietly in Stormwind and enjoy running his cheese shop? Being a shopkeeper is hard work, too, Elling. But probably not as hard as risking facing in combat someone you love who died, and knowing your only means is survival is to make them die again.

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5 Responses to Lore Post – Why did Elling Trias retire?

  1. Rades says:

    Ooooh I love it!! đŸ˜€ This is the sort of speculation I adore, nice find! How did you find out about this (long-lost?) Trias? Knowing you and your love of cheese (and therefore, prior knowledge of Elling Trias) I can only imagine your surprise and glee if you had created a little undead rogue and casually went to go train your skills and saw who your trainer was. ;D

    • David Trias is the reason I wanted a Forsaken rogue. I was trying to find out once if there was any explantion for why Elling Trias retired, and I saw the note in the wiki that he may be related to David Trias. It says that every time two NPCs share a last name but there’s no confirmation either way. I couldn’t get the idea out of my mind then. There isn’t anything about why Elling Trias retired, but I can’t imagine being okay with the risk of having to face David Trias one day if Elling knows he’s out there. I remembered David Trias the other night when I was trying to decide which Horde race to choose for a rogue, and I HAD to have him as my trainer!

  2. Rhii says:

    There are so many NPCs in the game that don’t have a rich and somewhat secret backstory, I think it’s fantastic that your beloved cheese shop owner is one that does.

    (I have a personal love for Bimble Longberry in Ironforge… as far as I know, no interesting lore there.)

    • *gasp!* Bimble Longberry! Seriously? THAT hussy? Always peddling her “juicy fruits” to anybody who’ll walk by and toss her a copper!

      No, I don’t know of any lore behind her. I suspect the Longberry sisters have just been doing their best to make a living after surviving Gnomeregan. But I know exactly who she is because one of my RP characters was absolutely shocked to hear her peddling her wares out there. And so close to where the preists and paladins are!

      • Rhii says:

        ROFL! I just like the name Bimble. >>

        Also, I had a character once who was a vegetarian in my head (as I don’t ACTUALLY RP anywhere) and since Ironforge can be sort of a meat and beer town, she frequently ate fruit when she was there.

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