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Chillin’ With Yetimus will be a regular feature here at Heavy Wool Bandage. By “regular” I mean that it will happen from time to time, with no plans to cut it off after a certain point, but no… there’s no set schedule for it. A big part of it (hopefully) will be the interviews! I’d like to interview characters (not the players who play them) about their experiences with Yetimus, or any thought they’ve given to strategies for dealing with him should their paths ever cross.

What’s a Yetimus?

The Horde gets a quest in Tarren Mill in Hillsbrad – Yetimus the Yeti Lord. The Forsaken who gives the quest says, “Our complacency in dealing with the yeti menace has resulted in an aberration!” It’s just kind of left there as if he grew so big because they’ve had the run of the place, no one killed them all off, and this one got huge. No big deal. Or…um… well, you know what I mean! But I have to wonder if all that plague-spreading in Hillsbrad didn’t have something to do with it. There’s a bit of a difference between, “Nobody killed off all the yeti and that one got HUGE!” and, “No one killed off all the yetis after they were exposed to all these dandy plague ingredients, and that one got HUGE!”

What’s Tarren Mill so worried about? How big can a yeti get?

You don't really have to LOOK for Yetimus. You'll know when he's coming.

People often seem to be taken by surprise when it turns out this “group quest” is, in fact, pretty much necessary to do in a group unless you wait until you’ve almost outleveled it. Even then, some classes might have to wait until they’ve completely outleveled it to solo Yetimus.

Yetimus left my level 60 death knight with about 300 health. Several times. I finally figured out how to prevent that. I’ll let the death knight explain it when it’s her turn for an interview.

He has a ferocious knockback effect! You feel like you’re flying around and bouncing off mountains because… well… you’re flying around and bouncing off mountains. My hunter has been thrown back from him so far, so fast that her pet despawned.

In spite of being bigger than the opening of the yeti cave, Yetimus can be pulled inside it. The idea was to fight him from the opening of the cave so he can’t throw you back. (I saw someone on wowhead say they’d handled him that way.) But it turns out he’ll squeeze through there, throw you down to the bottom of the cave, then come down the ramp to get you!

Not much room left in the cave for other yetis now.

Sunflake is standing on the floor at the bottom of the yeti cave. The little white spot at her feet is Kitten’thazad, her frostsaber cub. The grey stuff is the walls of the cave. Everything else is YETIMUS!


Twitter can, at times, be a treasure chest of… Okay, it’s a grab bag of… You know, I think Twitter just has to be experienced to be understood.


Chuck Norris insulted Yetimus’s mom. Have YOU seen Chuck Norris recently?

Illidan only said “You are not prepared” because he was expecting Yetimus.

You’ve never met a “Young God” because Yetimus eats them.

Yetimus decided to go swimming one day and filled in Thousand Needles. Yetimus hates needles.

Yetimus is camera shy. He was very big boned as a youngster and it made him selfconscious


Yetimus saw Nancy Vishas by the lake & decided he needed a snack, Grandpa was dessert.

Arthas had to become the Lich King when he heard Yetimus became a Lord.

Yetimus is actually Hagrid’s third cousin.

Sylvanas turned into a banshee after Yetimus proposed. He’s never forgiven her.


When Deathwing flies over Hillsbrad, he holds his breath for fear Yetimus will disapprove.

It wasn’t the undead Scourge that turned Lordeaeron into a graveyard. It was proximity to Yetimus’ extremely contagious charm.

@Vrykerion (Someone should give you an award for these!)

Yetimus once told the Lich King that he didn’t care his brand of dry humor. The next day, the LK built ICC for protection.

Tirion Fordring stops talking when Yetimus enters the room.

The Forsaken used the New Plague on Yetimus once. It gave him a rash.

The Titans don’t want to come back to Azeroth because they heard Yetimus woke up.

Yetimus heard that Santa didn’t exist, so he vowed to go north to find him. The Result? The Dragonblight.

Yetimus needs no pockets. He stores his belongings in a pocket dimension he willed into existence with his mind!

Yetimus wanted a pet, so he broke reality to let Deathwing out of Deepholm. He got bored with him soon after.

Yetimus was having trouble sleeping at night, so he ate Blue Child.

Yetimus wanted a bigger back yard so he merged Hillsbrad Foothills and Alterac Mountains.

The reason Majordomo Executus was ‘Too Soon’ is because Ragnaros knew Yetimus was coming.

Ozumat, Fiend of the Deep Below, is Yetimus’ bath toy.

Some people call Medan a mary sue, but that’s just because they don’t know who his real father is: Yetmius.

Alterac Valley is a several year long war being waged to decide which faction has to tell Yetimus that his rent is overdue.

The Greymane Wall was built to stall Yetimus a few seconds longer so the Gilneans could get to a ship.

The Violet Eye chose to move their entire city to Northrend and fight Malygos and the Lich King instead of facing Yetimus.


Southshore is destroyed because Yetimus was trying to spit into the lake. He missed.

Escape from Durnholde starts at Yetimus’ cave because Yetimus is actually a time-traveling wizard.

@rosaamarilla (Of course I offered some of my own!)

The real reason they moved Dalaran was to protect it from Yetimus.

Goblin engineers specialize in bombs because they’re trying to invent one that will kill Yetimus.

When wizards don’t understand why something works the way it does, they say, “Yetimus did it.

King Magni turned into diamond because Stoneform wouldn’t be enough for a fight against Yetimus.

In the next Chillin’ With Yetimus, I’ll interview Sunflake (my death knight) so you can get her take on Yetimus and see how the character interviews will work. Until then, remember…  whenyou see Yetimus out there, JUST RUN!!!

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  1. This was worth the wait. =) I’d never heard of Yetimus till you mentioned you were working on this post. I had to go look him up on wowpedia. >.> Next step, to hunt him down and have a little a chat with the so-called Yeti Lord.

    I’m glad you posted the Yetimus facts from Twitter; I’d missed some of them. And they’re funny the second time around too. lol

    Can’t wait for the character interviews!


  2. dsatt57 says:

    Same here, somehow I never ran into him when I was discovering the “new” zones and had to look him up on Wowhead!

  3. He didn’t exist before Cataclysm, and he’s part of the reason I rolled new Horde characters. When my dwarf was flying over and saw him, I noticed he has the ! on his portrait that indicates he’s a quest objective… but that’s all Horde territory now.

    You can miss him just flying by. You can miss him while doing archeaology, since none of the Hillsbrad sites I’ve gotten are anywhere near him. It doesn’t take long for him to come around if you spend just a few minutes near the yeti cave, though.

  4. Apple says:


  5. Angelya says:

    These are brilliant! /wipes happy tears

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