I’ve been doing some really obscure quests. You probably haven’t heard of them.

I’ve been mistaken for a new player several times in the past few months. Obviously, this is because I level by questing. It’s so mainstream to hit 15 with an alt, queue in LFD, and race to 85 so you can rot your brain on end-game content. Personally, I hated random dungeon groups long before it was popular to hat random dungeon groups. I also hated dungeon groups that were made of people I knew who had all gotten together on purpose. I only did them ironically.

So while everyone is mindlessly grinding away at higher-level content so they can wear the mainstream uniform of T-whatever gear, I’ve wearing quest greens and blues and the occaisional green drop. I ironically wore a vendor grey cloak for a couple of days. I just like the vintage gear. It’s usually given by really obscure NPCs and dropped by mobs you’ve probably never seen.

I used to love the quests from the Nesingwary Expedition in Stranglethorn, but then they sold out in Outland and were too mainstream by the time they got to Northrend. It’s so sad, because the quests from S. J. Erlgadin were my favorite. He sent me to find panthers that no one could see until they were pretty much right on top of you. Those panthers were very obscure! And then he gave me Panther Hunter Leggings, which I wore ironically because I’m a rogue… not a hunter.

I was doing the questline with the baby raptor before it was cool. I was doing it while Zul’Gurub was still closed after the Cataclysm. Now that everybody knows you can get the raptor back, they all want to do that quest. I did it in its most pure form. When I get my raptor back, I’ll be getting her back ironically.

I was telling my one level 85 friend that I’ll probably do the level 85 content once everyone else has moved on. It’s important to me to have an appreciation for history, and to make sure the abandoned instances and bosses know they haven’t been forgotten by everyone. While everyone else is taking on Ragnaros in the Firelands, I’ll go visit him in Molten Core.

Also… your “dungeon notebook”? I was writing things down in notebooks before it was popular. Notebooks are so mainstream now.

And no, I am not spending gold on poisons to feed the selfish masses who have given themselves over to the greed of the Azerothian economy. I’m using reclaimed poisons from junkboxes on my daggers. I’m very into recycled goods, and the humanoid mobs have been very willing to help. After they’ve been sapped.

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5 Responses to I’ve been doing some really obscure quests. You probably haven’t heard of them.

  1. Grimmtooth says:

    Keyrings are so mainstream. I used to keep my keys in my BAGS. And now you kids … wait.

    • I was walking through the Stonewrought Pass to Searing Gorge before it was popular. Mountaineer Pebblebitty sold out.

      Khadgar sold out, too. Now they just let anyone walk in Karazhan. I’m going to have to find somewhere else to crash dinner parties and watch the opera.

  2. Apple says:

    I was submitting tickets begging for a conclusion quest to rescue the baby raptor before most people knew about it.

  3. Mimfollee says:

    hehe, nice read, especially the part about poisons, those humanoids are right cooperative when sapped 🙂

  4. red cow says:

    I think it’s time to start a hipster wow toon meme akin to the Hipster Ariel pictures going around.

    Unless that would be too mainstream.

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