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I love you all. Now go away.

This is not the Brann Bronzebeard post. It’s not a Yetimus post. It has nothing to do with healing. This is a post about why I’m not writing those other posts. There are too many people reading this blog. There … Continue reading

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Game Priorities – Please Mind Your Business, Not Mine

I’m feeling a lot of frustration lately with some of “the WoW community”. (Let’s face it… there is no “WoW community”. There are many smaller communities within the enormous chunk of people who play WoW.) I think some of this … Continue reading

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A Small Arc in the Circle of Healing

(Note: I have changed things so that questions will stop smushing up against the previous answer several times. It keeps changing back. I gave up. If you see things listed that way, that’s why.) Fannon, of Dwarven Battle Medic, has … Continue reading

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