I love you all. Now go away.

This is not the Brann Bronzebeard post. It’s not a Yetimus post. It has nothing to do with healing. This is a post about why I’m not writing those other posts.

There are too many people reading this blog. There are too many people following me on Twitter. More importantly, I am following too many people on Twitter. We’re spending too much time together.

I need to blog when I have something to say. I don’t need to blog because I feel like it’s expected of me. I don’t get paid to do this. It’s a hobby. I don’t want to be asked repeatedly when the next Yetimus post will happen. Every time I’m asked I feel less like writing one.

I don’t enjoy discussing lore with people anymore. I love the lore. I don’t enjoy discussing it. I don’t enjoy reminding people that the story has been updated and they should go do the new quests to understand how something being discussed has changed.

Hell… I don’t enjoy reminding people over and over that things have changed even when it’s not in a lore conversation! I’m going to be blunt… if you haven’t quested through a zone in Cataclysm and it’s one that’s been updated, stop saying you don’t like questing there. You didn’t like it the way it was before. If you haven’t seen how it’s been redone, you don’t know if you like it now or not. These places are pretty much the same: Dustwallow Marsh, Arathi Highlands if you’re Alliance (quest text seems to have been updated for the current timeline, but it’s not as well done as Duskwood), Sillithus, the draenei and blood elf starting zones, Outland, Northrend. Not only are other zones different now, but there are several zones where you have to play through as both Horde and Alliance to really know what’s going on there. Stonetalon Mountains and Southern Barrens immediately come to mind because it’s almost necessary for making sense of it all, but even seeing a zone like Ashenvale from both sides now paints a more complete picture.


If you have no intention of leveling a character by questing and don’t care about lore, by all means, skip them. I probably haven’t had any of those conversations with you, anyway.

I’m not writing healing posts because I’m not healing. I started the WoW Ironman Challenge with a druid and very quickly ended up rolling another druid to play regularly. It turns out I like feral. I’ve always gone with balance before and never made it above level 48. My feral druid (NOT the one for the challenge… you don’t even get to choose a spec for that) is now level 67. I took resto as her off-spec, but I’ve only done healing a couple of times and it wasn’t in a dungeon group. I healed my husband’s druid when he went in to do the quest for his antlers at 50 and didn’t want to do it with a group. I also healed him when he snuck through LBRS with me to kill the spider and quartermaster so I could get the pet spider and worg. That’s all my resto healing.

My brain needs space. Quiet time. I’m not getting it. My Twitter has never been WoW specific. I’ve had that Twitter account longer than I’ve been playing WoW. I’m getting to where I don’t want to log in to Twitter because there’s just too much WoW. I used to not follow so many players, and I wasn’t in a guild when I logged in at night. I had the mental space I needed. Now I’ve got tons of WoW-related stuff on Twitter all day, WoW on Google+, and guildies at night. This is not my only hobby. And I don’t have a job that I hate. I want to talk about my art. I want to talk about other hobbies and interests. I want to feel like I can say something about current events or politics without fearing that someone I regularly talk to about the game will immediately slap an inaccurate label on me just because that’s easier than trying to understand why someone thinks what they do. Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned from Twitter, it’s that people who claim to be about tolerance, understanding, empathy, and civilized discussion will call names, point fingers, and make assumptions about other people and state those assumptions as fact just as quickly as anybody else. They talk the talk, but they only walk the walk with people who wear the same shoes as them.

I need to get away from that kind of thing. I need to spend less time with everyone.

I’m going to cut a lot of people off my Twitter list. I didn’t cut enough before. This has nothing to do with anything you’ve said or done. It’s just that there are too many of you. Honestly, if you’re a guildie you’re probably getting unfollowed. I already spend time in the game with you. If 75% of the tweets I see from you are about some aspect of the game that I have nothing to do with… like raiding… then I’m probably going to unfollow you. The idea is that I should be left with very few WoW people on my Twitter.

I will probably be taking a few of you out of my circles on Google+. I think I can handle more WoW people there than on Twitter, and it’s certainly a way that I can still keep in touch with some of you that I’ll be unfollowing on Twitter. It’s not about getting rid of people… it’s about limiting how much of my day is spent with voices on the internet chattering about the game.

If I don’t figure out how to turn comments off on this post, please don’t expect a response if you leave one. Or even that I’ll approve it for a while if you’ve never commented before. Keeping up with that is something else I don’t want to have to do. I’m sure someone will wonder why I started a blog if I didn’t want a lot of readers, don’t want to keep up with comments, etc. I never expected so many people to consistently read it. I wrote a RP blog for over a year and, as far as I know, had very few consistent readers. It wasn’t a problem for me to keep up with. I never expected to have so many WoW players on Twitter. I never expected to end up spending so much of the day with people around me (if you think of the internet as a place) talking about WoW. I just wanted a way to separate commentary on my experiences with trying out healing from Twitter. So that I didn’t spend all my time on Twitter talking about WoW.

That plan seems to have failed. This is my plan B. I’ll post again when I feel like it, and not a day before. Please susbscribe if you want to know when it happens, because I doubt I’ll post it to Twitter.

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