What am I doing if I’m not blogging?

Before I get into the post, go see the picture Kamalia drew of the Khaz Modan Cheese of the Month Club! It’s the most awesome thing ever! Those of you who have read the stories I’ve written as Fizzy Stouthammer will recognize a lot of things. Besides all the cheese, there’s Glorwynn with her shield, Friginne with his two-handed mace and an Argent Crusade tabard, Little Brann climbing halfway onto the table (Fizzy never has managed to teach him not to steal cheese), and Serhilde is right there at Fizzy’s side. I cannot possibly say how happy it makes me every time I look at the picture!

I didn’t really intend to take a break from writing this blog. I just meant to not push myself to keep blogging about things just because they are there to blog about, and I needed to cut back on how much time I spend socializing about WoW. (Twitter, blog comments, etc.) I still have posts to write, but I was going to write them on my own time. It seems that by giving myself permission not to feel like I have to do it, though, I’ve chosen not to do it at all for a little while now. I guess that means I really wanted to be doing other things.

I’ve been leveling a druid. I started doing the WoW Ironman Challenge with a druid. Not being able to choose a spec kind of forced me into fighting in cat form, and I started wondering if maybe this was the solution to my “Can’t Make It to Flight Form” problem. I’ve always gone with balance. I always lose interest somewhere between level 20 and level 50. I rolled up a troll druid once Cataclysm came out and didn’t feel like the things that made balance so unpleasant for me had really been addressed in all the changes.

I just don’t feel like a balance druid is really A Balance Druid until I have moonkin form, and it’s a long road to get there when, well… I don’t have moonkin form. It seems even worse to me now. At level 10, a Holy Paladin really is A Holy Paladin. At level 10, a fire mage really is A Fire Mage. At level 10, a demonology warlock really is… um… some gal or guy in a robe who follows around the felguard. (Demonology used to be the only spec I had a chance of playing well as a warlock. Now I struggle with “Do I just not use the felguard, or do I walk around bored while he kills everything?”) But at level 10, a balance druid feels like a very crippled spellcaster to me. And moonkin form still seems so far away.

So, being inspired by my Iron Cat, I rolled up another druid so I could level as feral. I just haven’t made it back to the druid I started for the challenge. My feral druid is a night elf because worgen aren’t purple. This doesn’t mean I’m happy about the pointy ears, bouncing while standing at the bank, or the /cheering for Elune. Darnassus is bloody well NOT my home! This isn’t really a night elf… it’s a purple cat. A purple bird when flying. Sometimes a brown bear, and I wish Blizzard would let me have a purple bear. But definitely not a night elf.  I named her Magritte to make this clear.

I did take resto as my off spec, but I haven’t done much healing. Actually, I’ve done plenty of healing. I just haven’t done it in dungeons. Not dungeons with five people in them, anyway. I’ve helped my husband with some of the group quests that still linger in Outland by healing him while he did all the rest of the work. (Take that, Terrok!) We made slow progress through about half of Magister’s Terrace that way until Apple came in and made it go faster. Hey… the two of us were the actual level to be doing it with a group. That slow progress was still something of an accomplishment. It was quite beautiful to see Apple’s 85 holy paladin just spewing Light all over a room full of mobs when us druids died, though. Somebody forgot to tell the mobs that healing isn’t ALL holy paladins can do!

I convinced a couple of guildies that you don’t actually need five people to do Halls of Stone, and that Brann Bronzebeard gets a little overhwlmed by too many visitors when he’s working. So the three of us went in with a level 80 warrior, a level 78 prot paladin, and a level 76 purple cat…um… druid. The paladin, Light bless him, didn’t really think we could do it and was more comfortable having me be a tree on the boss fights. So I healed on all the boss fights and mangled the trash. And I was wearing my feral gear the whole time. I won the roll on Brann’s Lost Mining Helmet, and I think I got the most awesome loot in the dungeon… even if I can’t equip it!

The paladin, by the way, has decided he wants to be a paladin for Elune, which I have taken to calling “an Elunadin”. I think everyone should go give him a hard time about that. Nah… he’s okay for a elf-lover. Don’t give him a hard time, but do read his blog. He’s awesome.

Now I’m considering abandoning being a cat. No, not to become a full-time healer. I’m not really handling druid healing well. Healing with HoTs is very different from holy pally healing for me. I just seem to know which heal to use when as a holy pally. As a druid, I’m having to keep in mind the mana cost, how much it will intially heal for, how much it’ll heal for over time, how fast it will heal and how fast the target needs to be healed, what talents I have that modify the healing of any particular ability… Gah! If I want to heal, I want to heal. Not stand around and diddle numbers until they get excited and start multiplying!

No… I want to be a bear.

First, it was necessity. I was way too squishy as a cat to make it through Northrend, but I was awesome questing as a bear! Cat survivability got better when I got to the quests in Hyjal. I’m doing fine as a cat. But… I want to be a bear. I keep looking for a chance to be a bear. I love bears. I love every kind of bear.

Magritte and the baby bear it took two guildies to get for me. Awesome guildies are awesome!

I’ve always said I don’t want to tank, though. I don’t know that I could handle it. With the changes to threat, being a bear means tanking if I do stuff with other people. What’s that? You say it was that way even before the threat changes because bear is the druid tanking spec? I say you lack imagination.

I’m not talking about the standard “five people doing a five man dungeon at the appropriate level” mode of play. Quite honestly, if you’ve read my posts before you should know that’s rarely ever the way I play. I’m talking about things like TWO people doing a five man dungeon at the appropriate level. Or two people doing a raid that was designed for 20 people to do ten levels ago. Cases where a dps bear was perfectly viable. Possibly even preferable at times. That just means playing ping-pong with the aggro now. And I’ve never been terribly good at ping-pong.

So maybe I’ll have to suck it up and decide to be a tank. My other option is suck it up and be a cat or the healer every time I’m with someone else. Cats are not bears. Healers are not bears. And I DO love bears. LACERATE ALL THE THINGS!

I’ve also taken more time off from playing WoW lately than I had intended. Not the way I haven’t been blogging, but my WoW time has been rather sporadic. I’ve been getting a lot of drawing done, and I’m in the middle of a zombie piece that Apple was kind enough to pose for. If you’d like to follow the progress on that (and/or the rest of my work) or vote on a name for said zombie, I do have an official Facebook page for my work. I also have Google+, but I haven’t mentally adjusted to it yet.

I’ve also been getting quite a bit of crochet done! Nymphy – one half of Nymphy and Orv – is getting a yarn demon out of it, and my neice and nephews will be getting even more Toys You Just Don’t Find in a Store for Christmas this year. I’ve gotten a hat that looks like gingerbread people exploded on my head. I didn’t realize that’s how it would turn out with the yarn I chose. Maybe “CSI: Gingerbread House” will be a hot look this fall.

With less time spent on WoW and WoW-related things, I’ve finally gotten to play through a good chunk of Dragon Age: Origins. And I am FINALLY, after knowing all about the game for the past few years, getting to actually experience Portal! I’ve told my husband before that the problem is not that WoW is the only game I’m interested in, but that it’s the only one I have time for.

I’ve been using 750 Words to help me do some writing every day, and I highly recommend it for anyone who finds themself saying, “I really ought to start writing stuff again…”  I wrote a review shortly after I started using it, and I’m just as happy with it now. I haven’t missed a day yet, and that’s really surprising for me!

I have written a story for Blizzard’s Global Writing Contest. Whether or not I get it edited and submitted in time is a different animal. I’m not worried, though. I’m happy that I wrote it. If I miss the deadline, I’ll post the story here instead.

The fact is, blogging is a hobby. I’m a very busy person. I don’t really have time for more hobbies. But I do get that urge to write a post about something now and then, and I want the option to be here when I need it. So my blog silence doesn’t come from me having disappeared… it comes from me being too busy doing stuff to have time to blog about it. Whether you’re blogging or not, I hope you have plenty of fulfilling stuff to do. 🙂

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  1. *squee*! You’re back! I’m glad to hear about all your fun adventures, both in-game and out.

    I like the purple kitty, too. It’s my second-favorite NElf Druid color after the black, which is my favorite because the bear version has white stripes and thus looks a little like a badger. And you’re sort of a purple bear… just a really dark, dusky, brownish sort of purple bear.

  2. Apple says:

    I told you this on twitter already, but reading about Magister’s Terrace made me smile so big. Big sunshine smiles. That was a really fun night for me. 🙂 And I think if the two of us headed into Heroic MgT now, we’d kick ASS, even without David. ^_^

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