Why I Closed Comments Early

I’ve always kept comments open for two weeks after I post something, then they close automatically.  Today, I closed comments early on my post from yesterday.

No one said or did anything wrong. I didn’t have to do anything except hit approve on people who had never commented here before, and I didn’t have to unapprove anything. As usual, my commenters are very well-behaved.

I just can’t handle keeping up with comments. I didn’t think I’d have to when I started this blog. I didn’t think anyone would read it except a handful of people on Twitter who helped me out when I first asked about healing.

Okay, so people read this blog. I don’t know why. I spend a lot of time complaining about the behavior of the WoW population. PvPers are assholes, people in random dungeons are assholes, elitist roleplayers are assholes, raiders are assholes with entitlement issues… Except my friends, of course. I don’t mean ALL PvPers/raiders/etc. Just, you know… THOSE kind. Some of my best friends raid! I am not a raidcist!

Really, though, the blog grew a bit from what I expected. And then I just couldn’t handle spending that much of my day focused on WoW. I cut back a lot of the out-of-game discussion. I took a bunch of people off of Twitter, but I kept them on G+. I kept people that I don’t really have any other way of keeping in touch with, and people that I still end up talking to so often that there’s no reason to take them off my follow list just because they talk about WoW. I dropped a lot of people that I genuinely like and wish I was still following, but I needed to create some space in my life where WoW doesn’t try to mix into everything else I do.

I still have the blog because sometimes I still want to put my thoughts out here and the blog provides the best way to do it. Like yesterday. But I started getting nervous and ill just thinking about having to keep up with comments. I spent two hours writing the damned post. I don’t want to spend another three or four days moderating comments. I don’t want to keep talking about it. That takes time away from the rest of my life, and I have a metric assload of stuff I need to take care of and/or want to do that has nothing to do with WoW.

There’s a reason I don’t braodcast on Twitter that I have a new post anymore. I’m not trying to attract readers. If someone wants to link to a post, or I link to someone else’s posts, and that draws in a few people… well, they’re welcome to stay if they want to. But I’m not recruiting people. I always wanted a small audience. Not so much an “audience”, but a small circle of discussion.

It’s not going to be a discussion anymore, though. I’m sorry. I just can’t do it. I know a one-way conversation isn’t a conversation at all. If you find what I say interesting enough to read it even when you can’t comment, stick around. If not, I understand.

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