Strength from Weakness

Angry Hyjal squirrel

I want to do my part, but sometimes it just isn’t enough if I do it alone. So I hold onto my acorn and wait. Trust me… I will fight by your side!


Hyjal bear cubsI may get scared sometimes. I may run away and try to hide. Show me some kindness, though, and I will do everything I can to protect you! And when you face your greatest fears, I will throw myself in front of those monsters. That same stubborn nature that made me hide until you came for me will push me to say, “You have to go through me first!”


Child of TortollaI want to be remembered as someone who truly lived… right up until her last breath left her. But it won’t matter that I fought every battle if that’s what costs me the war. All I can do sometimes is pull myself into my shell and hope things let up soon. That doesn’t mean I’ve given up. It means I’m surviving so that I can fight another day.


Hyjal Alpine SongbirdSometimes all I can offer is my story or my song. It may not seem like much, but I will sing it as beautifully as I can and inspire my flock! I will tell tales that make you believe you can be a hero! And when you are one, I will tell your tale. And when you tire of being the one who always saves the day, I will tell you stories and sing you songs to comfort you. Or I will let you tell me your tales for a while. With my stories and my songs, I will make you immortal.

And the Meek Shall Inherit Kalimdor

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