Bear Tanking the Greench

“No, no, no. The Greench IS Yetimus. Hillsbrad was only a setback.” —@Vrykerion

I’ve been amazingly busy getting ready for Christmas and didn’t get to start on Winter Veil until last night. So I didn’t know the Greench had been changed this year until I saw Rades mention on Twitter a few days ago that he was working on a guide for soloing the Greench as a BM hunter. When I found out the Greench had been changed from a lower level yeti to something resembling YETIMUS! for 85s, I knew I could do this! I studied for this! Something occured to me once I got out there for the Greench (or GREENCHIMUS!) fight, though. I didn’t do my homework as a bear. I did it as a frost DK. I don’t know if you know this, but bears are precious and soft not frost DKs.

-dramatic elf entrance-

My name is Magritte and I’ll be tanking GREENCHIMUS! for you today. To keep up the pretense that this blog still has anything to do with healing, I’d like to point out that there were fights while doing research for this post in which the only healing I got came from Frenzied Regeneration and Leader of the Pack.

It amuses me that transmogrification allows me to tank in a skirt. Don’t worry… I look more like this during a fight.

The Dun Morogh Cub is my off-tank.

It’s entirely possible that you won’t have to fight the Greench. I hear he’s often dead already and you can just loot what’s needed to free Metzen and go on your merry way. (Poor Metzen! After years of being kidnapped by Dark Irons, now he gets kidnapped by a giant yeti. Why is no one keeping a closer watch on this reindeer?) I keep finding people hanging around to kill the Greench when he respawns. In fact, I couldn’t get a decent screenshot of him because of this. Go read the post from Rades to see a really nice picture.

This is the best I could do. This is also the one fight I didn’t tank because I obviously wasn’t needed. They already had a Tauren bear.  There are a few things I want you to take note of in this shot, so I’ve made some notes…

You see how much bigger the Greench is than the bear? Look how much bigger he is than that drake! And those are SKELETONS littering the ground! The ground was littered with them when I was out there last night (I was one of them at one point) and new ones were there this morning. I’m not entirely convinced that’s snow on the ground. It could be the crushed bones of doomed adventurers. These aren’t innocent or foolish lowbies. These are brave heroes who have faced many trials and been hardened in battle. They now lie dead outside the cave of a giant yeti who will JUMP ON YOU AND SMASH YOUR BONES!

Yetis are srs bsns, folks.

Because I’m foolish, I didn’t actually read Rades’s post before I went out there. I didn’t know about the snowman or the tree. If you don’t know either, I’m not explaining it. The truth is, I still don’t know what he’s talking about. I’ve done this three times now and I have no clue what’s going on.

Here’s a rundown of how I handled it the first time –

I let the Tauren paladin who was there pull. This is because I’m a coward. If I show up and find a Tauren and a blood elf standing around, I’m afraid that I’ll pull and they’ll stand there and let me die. If I wait until they start fighting him then I assume they’re committed to killing him. And maybe I can escape having to tank this because maybe the Tauren will hold the aggro.

I moved in and said, “RAWR!” The Greench responded with a “RAWR!” and the aggro said, “O HAI, MAGRITTE!” I replied to this with a hearty, “OH NOEZ!”, but there was a translation issue. Since I was in bear form at the time, it came out in Bear… so it sounded like I said, “RAWR!”

At this point, I have no clue where the Tauren and blood elf were, but the Greench was not happy about me biting his crotch! I was using all my defensive cooldowns and making use of Berserk + Enrage to get the most out of manglespam. A draenei shaman showed up somewhere in all that, but there was no healing going on. Or summoning of elementals. Or running up and beating on anything with a melee weapon. In fact, I think they just stood there.

I found the Tauren. He was dead.

I got thrown up in the air and joined the Tauren in death when I came back down.

But I ran right back out there, grabbed my body, shifted to Gromsblood form for a few seconds, and then I was right back in the fight! Aggro was really happy to see me again.

We killed him. I don’t know how. Maybe this would be different if I was actually in a group with people, rather than a loose collective of individuals who all happen to be trying to kill the same yeti.


When I went back out there this morning to take screenshots, I found some squishy looking blood elves standing around. The Greench spawned and the blood elves looked at me. I looked at the blood elves. We all looked at the Greench and the Greench… well, he didn’t look back at us. We were standing far enough away that he couldn’t see anything except the Winter Veil gifts dangling from his own horns.

I moved up and said, “RAWR!” And I just can’t tell you how happy the aggro was to see me again! (I’m still not used to this. I’m used to not even making something blink when I attack it because somebody else is tanking and I’m shooting at it from halfway across a room. ) Like YETIMUS!, the Greench will jump up into the air and come crashing down on somebody. Apparently, it doesn’t matter who “somebody” is as long as they are not the tank.

Guess what I learned. I CAN’T TAUNT HIM BACK!

At this point, I would like to thank Rhii for the enchant she gave me for my boots. The speed boost is nice when my big furry self has to run after the guy who is trying to turn a mage into Arcane Dust.

I only got thrown into the air once, and I didn’t die when I came down. A dwarf shaman had come along and did NOT just stand there. I got real heals today! I hear rumors from other people that I’m easy to heal. This may be due to the fact that I don’t believe having a healer is any excuse for not using cooldowns. So I kept doing that, and the Greench was deprived of more skeletons. Thank you, random dwarf shaman!

I took the best pics I could while the group with the Tauren bear was there. Afterwards, another group showed up. I handled GREENCHIMUS! one more time before taking off for Ironforge. There was no healer there. Or, if there was, they couldn’t heal me. (Blood elves again.) They were doing great dps, though, and using Frenzied Regeneration about halfway through the fight was enough to keep me from dying. I was also a little better at chasing him down after he jumped on one of them. I also got stunned less.

If you learn nothing else from this story, learn this – USE YOUR COOLDOWNS!

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