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Roleplay Advice: The In-Character Paladin

“I literally run up to Alliance in WSG and explode in a shower of fabulous. It’s amazing.” “… You must be playing a blood elf paladin.” (Conversation on Twitter, in which @buglamp was excited about Long Arm of the Law) … Continue reading

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Roleplay Advice – What Happens In-Character Stays In-Character

I have a confession to make. I am fairly strict about lore-oriented roleplay. There’s a part of me that says, “I am so sorry the game won’t allow you to roll an evil shapeshifting alien from some unknown planet who … Continue reading

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Why Does Your Character Heal?

The question in the title is about lore and/or roleplay. (Contrary to popular belief, not everyone who cares about lore is a roleplayer.) If you don’t care about either…um… thanks for the pageview? Why does your character heal? Azeroth has … Continue reading

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