My Healers

Glorwynn Lightbraid on Sisters of Elune (US – RP sever)

Posts here are all written under Glorwynn’s name, no matter which healer I was playing at the time. That’s because I didn’t think I’d start rolling them up left and right. One Holy Paladin… that should be all I need, right?

Muchao on Drenden (US – normal server)

So maybe I was wrong… another Holy Paladin might be necessary.

Penelope “Pandía” Lowell on Sisters of Elune (US – RP server)

Pandía is an experiment to see if I can enjoy druid healing anywhere near as much as I enjoy paladin healing.  My priest ended up being dps and shaman just don’t fit me well.  For now, Pandía is all that stands in the way of my being exclusively a paladin healer. She was last seen licking her wounds in Darnassas after healing the lowest level bracket of Warsong Gulch.

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