About Me

I’m in my early 30’s, a Texan, married to a United States Marine, and aunt to some wonderful kids (including one of the future’s greatest zombie hunters). On a scale of “hardcore gamer” to “one of the casuals” I’m either extremely casual about my hardcore play, or I’m a very hardcore casual player. It’s about the journey for me… not the destination… and I get as much out of that journey as I can.

Roleplayers on Sisters of Elune might know me as Fizzy Stouthammer, as do folks who read Fizzy’s blog.

Besides playing WoW, I like to crochet, dive into long books covering everything from quantum physics and astrobiology to re-reading old favorites from childhood, and I am an artist. I might even get around to drawing my own blog header one day if my projects list ever shrinks enough. (For every piece I do, three more ideas get added to the list, I swear!)

I can often be found chatting on Twitter between household chores and when giving my eyes a break from drawing. You can find me by following @rosaamarilla.

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