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Observing Schrodinger’s Dragon

The “Nozdormu is really Prospector Remtravel” idea didn’t work out. Well, I did say I didn’t really believe it.  Now that the Dragon Soul raid is out, and the End Time dungeon as one of the five mans leading up … Continue reading

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Strength from Weakness

I want to do my part, but sometimes it just isn’t enough if I do it alone. So I hold onto my acorn and wait. Trust me… I will fight by your side!   I may get scared sometimes. I … Continue reading

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Thoughts on CDev Q&A – Canon, or Non-Canon?

The Creative Devlopment team disappointed me a few days ago. Overall, I liked the Q&A. It’s just one answer that felt like a letdown. You might be thinking I’m disappointed that they said the RPG books are non-canon. If so, … Continue reading

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Lore Post – Why did Elling Trias retire?

I keep promising a post about Yetimus, and I keep not delivering. Yetimus is busy, okay? He’s throwing around folks in Hillsbrad. He hasn’t got time to sit down and chat for a blog post. His people will call my … Continue reading

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Roleplay Advice: The In-Character Paladin

“I literally run up to Alliance in WSG and explode in a shower of fabulous. It’s amazing.” “… You must be playing a blood elf paladin.” (Conversation on Twitter, in which @buglamp was excited about Long Arm of the Law) … Continue reading

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Where/When on Azeroth is Nozdormu?

Twitter lore discussions spawn yet another lore post. I don’t think paladins even show up in this one. (At least Arthas shows up in Anub’arak lore, and he used to be a paladin.) Skip it if you just really don’t … Continue reading

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Lore Post – Anub’arak >8<

I have been tempted by Rades into writing a lore post that isn’t about healing. It’s a response to his post about Anub’arak. If you haven’t read it yet, go do so. Done? Here we go… During NaNoWriMo 2010, Rades … Continue reading

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Why Does Your Character Heal?

The question in the title is about lore and/or roleplay. (Contrary to popular belief, not everyone who cares about lore is a roleplayer.) If you don’t care about either…um… thanks for the pageview? Why does your character heal? Azeroth has … Continue reading

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